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How I use Skype; Middle School Computer lessons

How I use Skype; Middle School Computer lessons

In my room, I have my netbook that I use for instructions connected to skype. In the past I have used it for skyping with other teachers and classes throughout the country. Yesterday, I used it a little differently.

My 8th grade class is going to the High School next year and many of them had questions about the computer classes that were offered there. So, during my 8th grade class we skyped with the computer teacher at the HS. He gave my students a brief description of his classes and answered any questions that they had. It went well. He used an IPad and I used a tablet pc. He also showed him the lab via the ipad, which was good for them to see. I plan on repeating this in the future.

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Middle School Computer Lessons;Another snow day.

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Well, it’s another snow day here in Ohio and I hate to admit it, but I am seriously a little disappointed that I don’t get to teach today.When I was actually in school as a student my eyes were glued to the news at the slightest hint of a snow day. I hated going to school!!! Now as a teacher it weren’t for my family at home, I would almost rather be teaching than stuck at home.

Today in school I was planning typing tests for all my classes. I have developed a really cool way of evaluating their typing progress that incorporates evaluation of their skills while also using social pressures of middle school to promote proper typing. But that is another post… Also on tap for today was Google Earth (layers), Skyping with another class in Michigan, the 8th grade promotion Night Powerpoint, and making 3D Minions from Despicable Me….all fit into the national standards for teaching technology! It wa a big day, all pushed to next week. Next week was supposed to be dedicated to PowerPoint for all my classes, now it will be 4 days of instruction/support for those projects.

One thing is a given, all of my students will be using some kind of technology today. Now that I think about it, that would be a good topic of discussion for my tech classes for monday.

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Middle School Computer Lessons; Skype

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Skype in the classroom

Skype can be a powerful classroom tool. Teachers can take their classes around the world and talk to practically anyone. Suprisingly, many of my students have never heard of Skype. Some do use it at home though. I find that about %10 of my students actually use Skype at home.

In my class we do 2 activities with another class that is out of state. The other class is about 200 miles away, and a very different area than where our school is. The classes interact and it mostly works out well. On the other hand, these are middle school students that we are talking about so the maturity issue does come up. So, keeping the sessions short and very structured is key.

I look at it this way; just exposing my students to new types of technology that they may not be aware of is a good thing. At least after my class they have a point of reference when Skype comes up. Afterall, my goal is to show them as much technology as I possibly can in the short time I have with them.

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