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The Power of Google Docs for Middle School

You may not even know what Google Docs is? Using it in a middle school environment can be a powerful tool in the fight against student apathy. In a nutshell Google Docs is a shared document, where many people can view and edit in real-time. The exciting part is how we are using it in our middle school.

We recently adopted a philosophy of “Every student does every assignment” we are incorporating ideas from the book “The Power of ICU” by Danny Hill. After about 6 weeks or so, we are seeing much success.

When students do not complete assignments they are placed on our “ICU” list where they are given extra time and extra help throughout the day. They are separated right off the bus, during lunch, one period at the end of the day and after school.  Kids are stepping up not to be on this list, we have fewer and fewer every day.

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