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New to teaching computer class?

This time of year as teachers retire and/or move into new positions within a school or district. New computer teachers are created some with more willingness than others. If your principal just gave you the news that you will be teaching a computer class next year don’t panic! Teaching “digital natives” can be an awesome assignment! So what if they know more than you. You are a teacher, you can teach anything with a game plan and a little enthusiasm 😉 Use your students knowledge to your advantage. You could never teach them everything about technology, seriously. Your goal should be to touch on as many aspects as possible, to tap their curiosity and move on to the next thing, while also teaching some essential skills along the way. Essential skills for a middle schooler are how to save your work, maybe use google docs, office apps and keyboarding also mix in some internet safety which is part of the curriculum by law in most states. Middle School Computer Lessons .com is a good place to start. You don’t need to know everything to teach their lessons, the lesson is the idea and the students soar to make the projects their own, you only act as a facilitator. Check out www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com to find out more about their complete curriculum which is sold as a site license which gives you flexibility in how you choose to use it.

Be strong! You are a teacher first, your subject is second, you can do it!


For more ideas visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com  

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