Looking for ideas? Middle School Computer Lessons

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Skype in the classroom

Skype can be a powerful classroom tool. Teachers can take their classes around the world and talk to practically anyone. Suprisingly, many of my students have never heard of Skype. Some do use it at home though. I find that about %10 of my students actually use Skype at home.

In my class we do 2 activities with another class that is out of state. The other class is about 200 miles away, and a very different area than where our school is. The classes interact and it mostly works out well. On the other hand, these are middle school students that we are talking about so the maturity issue does come up. So, keeping the sessions short and very structured is key.

I look at it this way; just exposing my students to new types of technology that they may not be aware of is a good thing. At least after my class they have a point of reference when Skype comes up. Afterall, my goal is to show them as much technology as I possibly can in the short time I have with them.

Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com for the best middle school computer lessons on the web!


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