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Steve Jobs; Class discussion

Steve jobs was a true genius, the only person that comes to mind when comparing him to anyone is Edison. This week I led a class discussion about the man and his legacy. At first, my students seemed annoyed with the prospect of not going right into the project of the day, but after simply asking “who has an iPod?” they were hooked.

It is hard to imagine where the world would be without his inspiration. In class, we viewed a story from CNN about his life. To my surprise, my students ages 11-15 were glued to the story, and really great discussions followed in all my classes.

Where will the future of technology go now? Where could it have gone if he had another 10 years??? What is the next iPod? iPad? Now?

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Does your computer sound like a jet taking off? Middle School Computer Lessons

In my computer lab, every now and then a pc will sound like a jet taking off. I found that a dirty fan was the culprit. So, cleaning those fans at least once a year is a good idea for anyone who is in charge of a computer lab where the machines are on all day. You will be shocked with all the dirt you find. Soon, I’ll add some photos and instructions.

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Teaching technology for the first time? Middle School Computer Lessons

Often, for one reason or another teachers are forced into teaching technology for the first time. Teachers are moved from subject to subject without much notice. This leaves professionals who are accustomed to being an expert in their field at a loss.

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When I first started teaching computer class, I looked everywhere for some sort of computer curriculum or textbook, what I found was disappointing. However it lead me to create my own materials what that evolved into can be found at mscl publishing benefit from this classroom experience! Request a couple of samples and see for yourself.

Are Tablets the Future of Education? Middle School Computer Lessons

Are Tablets the Future of Education?

Not too long ago, I was convinced that Netbooks were the way to go for the future of education technology. I am not so sure any more. With the prices of tablets coming down significantly, tablets look better and better..

I feel that the Ipad is the Cadillac of all tablets, it is the best without question. However, with the soon to come tablet from Amazon, and dozens of competitors including all Android devices, tablets seem like a viable option to schools.

Some may say that BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” is the way to go. Maybe for high schools, but for middle schoolers a variety of devices is problematic for instruction.

Tablets are more and more attractive for several reasons: 1. Prices are falling; $200 per tablet could be the key for districts to move away from print books to a 1 to 1 tablet model. 2. Portability could make it easier for students to carry the device instead of a pile of books. 3. Tech savvy students would welcome tablets to replace bulky textbooks.

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