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Lesson Plan Format

Are you a principal looking for a consistent lesson plan format for your staff? Do some of your teachers still hand write their lesson plans before they turn them into you?

MSCL Publishing offers “Lesson Plan Design” where they will design a lesson plan format for your staff. This can be saved as a Word doc or a PDF file to turn into you or post on a web site. The entire staff will have consistent lesson plans that are easy to read and follow. They are designed on a customized school by school basis.

To learn more click here, or contact MSCL at support@middleschoolcomputerlessons.com


Middle School Computer Lessons; Home Schooling

If you are a parent who has decided to home school your child and you are looking for meaningful computer lessons for grades 5-9 click here for some free sample lessons.  These lessons cover the International Society for Technology standards and will challenge your student in ways that you may not have thought of.

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