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Where are you going to spend your technology budget? Middle School Computer Lessons; Jr. High Computer Lessons

Deciding where to spend your precious tech budget can be your toughest decision of the year. For me I have only $400 to provide for 550 students. I feel lucky, some teachers have no budget. I tend to shy away from software and lean towards things that I can use for years and years. The software I use in class is MS Office/ Paint/ Web/NXT Robotics and the rest is Open source (free). This really works for me.

One thing that could be really useful in a classroom is a computer book. Student text with lessons that can be used year after year. An actual computer class text-book is hard to find. Especially one that you could actually use. Click here to learn more. This book has actual stuff that you would use in your classroom, and all the teacher directions that you need.

Visit: www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com to get 2 free sample lessons.


Are you looking for Computer Lessons?

Are you looking for Computer Lessons? Do you need to teach MS Office or Open office or a similar program with word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. If you are intrested in some Free lesson samples click here for more information.

Are you new to teaching a Computer class? Are you looking for ideas? This is a great resource for those who are just starting out teaching. This ebook contains tons of projects for kids ages 10-15 grades 5-9 and has over 70 hours of materials.

Are you looking for a text book for your computer class? This site sells ebooks that are perfect for just that. They have books for teachers and students that have all the lessons you need to have a great computer or technology class. www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

Computer Lessons For the Last few days of school

Are you looking for some computer lessons for the last few days of school? How about a short 5-6 technology Powerpoint where your students will teach the class about a new technology that interests them? They can present about an app, video game, web site or any form of new digital media or hardware.

This is a great lesson that I have used in my classroom, your students will really get into it! Click below to and request “tech lesson” to get it sent to you.

Or Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com for the best computer lessons out there.

Robo-boy, NXT Robotics is good for all ages


Nxt robotics.

I friend of mine who is an Engineer at one of the worlds largest companies recently borrowed a Lego NXT set from me to do a project for work. When he returned it, my 3 year old demanded that he was alowed to try it out. So, I decided I would build and program an NXT robot that he could help in the building and be able to interact with through the programing. It was a huge success. I build a simple 2 wheel robot with sensors then paired it to my Android phone with a simple “Mind-droid”app. He was able to control the robot by tilting my phone. It was impressive to see him control it.

The Mindstorms NXT sets are so great for teaching technology. THey can be used with a great span of age ranges. This boy is 3 and he was able to use it to some degree, my friend is an engineer with a master’s degree working for a huge company and it had great use, I have seen it being used at Carnegie Mellon University. Bottom line, the NXT robotics are awesome and are perfect for Middle School Computer Classes. In this book there are at least 2 great NXT lessons perfect for Jr. high classes. Click below to learn more.

For the best Middle School Computer Lessons. Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

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