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Typing Class: Middle School Computer Lessons

Typing Class: Middle School Computer Lessons

Do you teach a keyboarding class? Today, typing on a keyboard is still a vital skill for students. With more high stakes tests (PARCC) being taken on computers, keyboarding is more important than ever. However, teaching just keyboarding is boring! You need to spice up your typing instruction with some interesting lessons that can relate to students lives and draw their interests. If you are just teaching a class that covers typing only, good luck. you are probably dealing with student behavior issues and kids looking at their fingers on the keys just to get through your class. I recommend that your class only types for 5-7 (10 at the most) minutes of typing each time you meet. Short and sweet at the end of the class. Brain research dictates that the beginning of a class is the most vital time for learning. More than likely you use this time for your keyboarding, really the last few minutes may be the best time for keyboarding.

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Middle School Computer Lessons; Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Middle School Computer Lessons; Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for an interesting way to introduce Google Earth to your students, I have an activity for you. This this activity is good for about 3 class periods.

During the first class, I like to introduce Google Earth (GE) to the class by a little class discussion to see who is familiar with it. I find about half of younger students have never heard of it. Either way, I will show the location of our school then introduce some of the basic tools. I give the rest of the period as a day to “Explore” GE. I ask them to find the school, their house and at least one other place and add place marks to them. Towards the end of class we will discuss some interesting things that they have discovered.

I use the iPad in my class by showing them GE on it and then having a few students travel down the hallway with it and they can observe the little blue dot move as they move in the building. (This is pretty popular with my students). Your building would have to be wireless for this to work.

The next day I pair up my students and hand out my GE Scavenger hunt. It includes Questions that you need GE to answer and a rubric for them to write their answers on. I total up the points when they are finished, It takes 1-2 class periods. This can get pretty competitive, my classes love this activity and it makes them use GE as a tool in ways that they may not have thought of before. During this activity, my role is to guide the pairs of students as needed. I don’t give answers, only clues.

Google earth scavenger Hunt & Rubric

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Middle School Computer Lessons; 3 Best Classroom Tools

Middle School Computer Lessons; 3 Best Classroom Tools

Teaching in a Middle School Computer class can be challenging. Dealing with things like getting 25 computers working at the same time while adding 25 pre-teens into the mix can be quite a task. I find these three tools most useful in my experience.

1. Projector with remote– Most remotes will give you a “Freeze” option. This will freeze the projector screen while you can still use the pc screen without letting the class see what you are doing. You can be preparing the next lesson while the directions for the current assignment are still up.

2. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse– Wireless slate…nope. I had a slate for years, the fancy one too and I find that a bluetooth mouse is way better. I can move around the room and control the pc that is connected to the computer. I can also pass around the mouse to students when I teach. Or even just use it as a clicker when showing a powerpoint. The keyboard can be passed around the class too, typing is difficult or impossible with a slate.

3. Laser pointer This can be used on your screen or flash it on a student’s pc when they need to focus on the task at hand instead of disturbing a quiet class to get a student to get on the home row.

I would love to hear your comments and ideas.

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Lesson Plan Format

Are you a principal looking for a consistent lesson plan format for your staff? Do some of your teachers still hand write their lesson plans before they turn them into you?

MSCL Publishing offers “Lesson Plan Design” where they will design a lesson plan format for your staff. This can be saved as a Word doc or a PDF file to turn into you or post on a web site. The entire staff will have consistent lesson plans that are easy to read and follow. They are designed on a customized school by school basis.

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Looking for Middle School Computer Lessons?

Are you looking for new Middle School Computer Lessons for your class? Click here to check out the latest ebooks that contain all the materials you need including teacher books, student books, worksheets and rubrics.

The complete curriculum book contains over 70 hours of classroom tested materials covering MS Office, Google Tools, Skype, Robotics and more! It is an excellent resource for experienced computer teachers looking to add some new material to their teaching. It is also perfect for someone just starting out teaching technology.

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New To Teaching Technology?

Are you new to teaching a technology class and looking for useful materials to get you started? Or are you a seasoned veteran looking for new lessons to add to your arsenal?

Middle School Computer Lessons Publishing has what you are looking for! www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com check it out!

When I first started teaching a computer class, I had nothing (apple II’s) then upgraded to a pc lab with only Office, the internet and no materials.

This class book would have been perfect to get me started, it has everything I anyone would need. There are over 70 hours of classroom materials; a teacher book, student book, 35 worksheets and a rubric for each lesson. This book is classroom tested and is the real deal. When working on the individual activities in this book, my class is extremely quiet and on task , the kids are totally interested,and working within standards. Other activities like the “Google Search Game” the class is competing with each other with some real intensity! Students ask me “Are we going to play this tomorrow?” all the time. This book has it all, you could use it in any order or pick and choose the lessons that you think would work for your class. 

Lastly and  most importantly, as far as “Site License/Ebooks” go the price is less than half of most on the market while giving you 2 to 3 times the materials.

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