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Steve Jobs; Class discussion

Steve jobs was a true genius, the only person that comes to mind when comparing him to anyone is Edison. This week I led a class discussion about the man and his legacy. At first, my students seemed annoyed with the prospect of not going right into the project of the day, but after simply asking “who has an iPod?” they were hooked.

It is hard to imagine where the world would be without his inspiration. In class, we viewed a story from CNN about his life. To my surprise, my students ages 11-15 were glued to the story, and really great discussions followed in all my classes.

Where will the future of technology go now? Where could it have gone if he had another 10 years??? What is the next iPod? iPad? Now?

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Teaching technology for the first time? Middle School Computer Lessons

Often, for one reason or another teachers are forced into teaching technology for the first time. Teachers are moved from subject to subject without much notice. This leaves professionals who are accustomed to being an expert in their field at a loss.

Fortunately, I have been teaching a computer/technology class for over a decade and through http://www.Middleschoolcomputerlessons.com I have an opportunity to share some of my tried and true lessons. If you are new to teaching this subject and you are looking for a starting point as far as what to teach and how to attack it, my lessons are perfect. My book of computer lessons covers MS Office, Google apps, Robotics and much much more, over 70 hours of classroom tested materials. My publications give any teacher the chance to cover relevant material instantly. Included are worksheets, rubrics, teacher tips and student instructions for each lesson. You can choose to use what works best for you.

When I first started teaching computer class, I looked everywhere for some sort of computer curriculum or textbook, what I found was disappointing. However it lead me to create my own materials what that evolved into can be found at mscl publishing benefit from this classroom experience! Request a couple of samples and see for yourself.

Middle School Computer Lessons; Home Schooling

If you are a parent who has decided to home school your child and you are looking for meaningful computer lessons for grades 5-9 click here for some free sample lessons.  These lessons cover the International Society for Technology standards and will challenge your student in ways that you may not have thought of.

New to teaching a Computer Class?

Did your principal just inform you that you will be teaching a computer class in the fall? Are you looking for materials for this NEW class??? Do you feel short of breath?

Wouldn’t it ease your mind to find all the materials you need to teach computer classes grades 5 through 8?

Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com to get all the materials you need to teach the best computer class. The lessons are written by real middle school computer teachers and are PERFECT for someone just starting out.

Go to www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com and request some free sample lessons to see what it is all about.

These books are being used around the country and are a great source for JR. Hith/Middle School aged students.

New To Teaching Technology?

Are you new to teaching a technology class and looking for useful materials to get you started? Or are you a seasoned veteran looking for new lessons to add to your arsenal?

Middle School Computer Lessons Publishing has what you are looking for! www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com check it out!

When I first started teaching a computer class, I had nothing (apple II’s) then upgraded to a pc lab with only Office, the internet and no materials.

This class book would have been perfect to get me started, it has everything I anyone would need. There are over 70 hours of classroom materials; a teacher book, student book, 35 worksheets and a rubric for each lesson. This book is classroom tested and is the real deal. When working on the individual activities in this book, my class is extremely quiet and on task , the kids are totally interested,and working within standards. Other activities like the “Google Search Game” the class is competing with each other with some real intensity! Students ask me “Are we going to play this tomorrow?” all the time. This book has it all, you could use it in any order or pick and choose the lessons that you think would work for your class. 

Lastly and  most importantly, as far as “Site License/Ebooks” go the price is less than half of most on the market while giving you 2 to 3 times the materials.

You can send an email to request 2 free lessons to see what it is all about.

Check out the “Complete Technology Curriculum” e-book at www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

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