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Typing Class: Middle School Computer Lessons

Typing Class: Middle School Computer Lessons

Do you teach a keyboarding class? Today, typing on a keyboard is still a vital skill for students. With more high stakes tests (PARCC) being taken on computers, keyboarding is more important than ever. However, teaching just keyboarding is boring! You need to spice up your typing instruction with some interesting lessons that can relate to students lives and draw their interests. If you are just teaching a class that covers typing only, good luck. you are probably dealing with student behavior issues and kids looking at their fingers on the keys just to get through your class. I recommend that your class only types for 5-7 (10 at the most) minutes of typing each time you meet. Short and sweet at the end of the class. Brain research dictates that the beginning of a class is the most vital time for learning. More than likely you use this time for your keyboarding, really the last few minutes may be the best time for keyboarding.

If you are looking for classroom computer lessons that will interest your students, check out www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com and check out the 2 free sample lessons from the “Complete Middle School Computer Curriculum”.



Computer Lessons; What to teach in your Middle School Computer Class

Most times there is not a lot of direction as to what to teach in a Middle School Computer class. Today, technology is more vital than ever in education and the adults are often not as familiar as the kids. The students are known as “Digital Natives” meaning that they grew up with the technology. This is an odd situation that the students often know more than the teacher. Embrace it! Through class discussions, your class can become a great opportunity for learning. Not all students use technology the same way, explore this through class discussions and see where it takes you. Isn’t that what learning is all about anyway? Imagine a world without high-steaks testing. One where students and teachers are free to explore learning in its purest form. The joy of learning is the biggest incentive for any human not achieving some sort of grade. Grades are essentially meaningless anyway. Make your class about the learning and not about the grade.

Something to think about. However if you are looking for a place to start with your class that will give them the basic tools to function in our digital world. You may be looking for a computer curriculum that covers the basics while also gives the opportunity to expand to accommodate individual students check out http://www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com . A complete computer class curriculum is offered, also 2 free sample lessons can be sent to you by request.


Request sample computer curriculum lessons at Support@middleschoolcomputerlessons.com 

Middle School Computer Lessons: Why I deleted my Twitter account.

Middle School Computer Lessons: Why I deleted my Twitter account.

Teaching technology to young adults it like teaching fish how to swim.

They already know how and they are probably already really good at it. There fore, my daily challenge is to capture their interest long enough to introduce them to something they may not know about.

I am all about expanding the “Tech Experiences” of my students. It may be something as simple as showing them where the “~” key is on the keyboard (That is a tilde, by the way) or as complex as programming a robot to follow a line on the floor.

However, when it comes to social media I am no expert. I purposely never started a My Space or Face-Tube or whatever account, it just really didn’t interest me. Not too long ago I did start a Twitter account exclusively to get Tweeters from Jeff Probst of Survivor. It went pretty along with no problems and I added a few more people, I was kind of into it, it was kind of interesting. But after a while I would have hundreds of tweets and I was constantly checking my account, I became increasingly annoyed. Then just deleted the whole thing. Do I really care what “Steve Martin” is doing, apparently not that much. The novelty wore off and I was done. I dont want more things to do on my phone/device. Is Twitter here to stay, maybe but not for me.

Really though, when I ask my students who has a Twitter account it may be about 2 per class 8%….I am surprised to see the ones that don’t even know what is is. Facebook  however, I would say that 90%+ have one. They could teach me a thing or two.

An interesting activity I do in class it to make a graph of students who use what type of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Myyearbook, and even “email”)

I would love to hear your comments!

For Middle School Computer Lessons and ideas visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

Middle School Computer Lessons; Future of Tech Education

Middle School Computer Lessons; Future of Tech Education?

With all the new technology coming out these days, where are we heading for the future in technology (Computer) classes in K-12 schools? Every time I attend a tech meeting inside my district or on a bigger stage, I feel overwhelmed about what is going on in the field.

Is it Ipod touch carts? Ipad carts? 1 on 1 computing? BYOD (Bring your own device?) or is it a combo? Where does traditional desktop computing fit in? The future is wide open and I feel teachers need a shared vision with their school district as to what direction they want to go.

With all that being said, I feel that basic computer classes for grades K through 12 is a vital need. Teaching things like basic word processing, keyboarding, spreadsheets, presentation tools, web skills and the like are aspects that all young learners may not get through using their personal devices. Computer classes need to fill in those gaps for kids.

Just because a kid may be able to post on facebook, download an app or play angry birds does not mean that they are proficient in basic computer skills.

If you are looking for materials for your computer classroom that teaches skills like MS Office, Web 2.0, and more check out www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

Cell Phones During the School Day?

Does your Middle School (JR. High) allow students to carry and use their cell phones during the school day? My school is currently trying this policy and I have a few reservations.

I do teach technology but I keep thinking that the bad outweighs the good. Here are a few reasons why:

-Uncensored content- The school has no say as to what students are looking at.

– Phone as a status symbol- Kids with more money can show off what they have.

– Devices getting lost or stolen.

– Use of the camera in a phone

-Posting on Facebook during the school day (Cyberbullying)

I do like the idea of then having phones but turned off and in a locker feels like the better solution.

I would love to hear your comments!

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Lesson Plan Format

Are you a principal looking for a consistent lesson plan format for your staff? Do some of your teachers still hand write their lesson plans before they turn them into you?

MSCL Publishing offers “Lesson Plan Design” where they will design a lesson plan format for your staff. This can be saved as a Word doc or a PDF file to turn into you or post on a web site. The entire staff will have consistent lesson plans that are easy to read and follow. They are designed on a customized school by school basis.

To learn more click here, or contact MSCL at support@middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

Classroom Procedures for Computer Class- Middle School

Classroom Procedures for Computer Class- Middle School

Even though it is the middle of summer   I was thinking what the most important aspect of my teaching is. What keeps  to mind is my classroom procedures. Summer time is when many teachers are informed that they will be teaching computer classes next year…mostly it comes out of the blue with a call from your Principal. So, if you are new to teaching computer class and you are looking for some ideas on how to go about it, I’ll explain how I do it.

My class is 45 minutes long and the students have it for one nine weeks (about 45 days). I do the same thing every day CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

First -classes must wait at the door until I tell them they can come in. This lets them know that I am in charge.

– All books and materials are to be set on tables away from the computers. I dont want any “junk” in their work area.

– Then, all classes type for the first 7-10 minutes of class. Every day with no exceptions. During this time there is absolutely no talking. This routine settles the class and again puts me in charge.

-Next- I will review from the previous day and introduce some new material(teaching 101)

– Then I’ll give a new assignment. Answer any questions…

-When the new assignment is being worked on, the students are allowed to talk quietly and even help each other. The one important rule is “You may help someone, but do not do it for them”

– Towards the end of class, I will check any finished assignments. If students finish they may help other students, practice typing or play an approved game.

I hope this helps anyone looking for ideas. I would love to hear any comments you may have.

If you are looking for Middle School Computer lessons click here to learn more and get some free samples. www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

New to teaching a Computer Class?

Did your principal just inform you that you will be teaching a computer class in the fall? Are you looking for materials for this NEW class??? Do you feel short of breath?

Wouldn’t it ease your mind to find all the materials you need to teach computer classes grades 5 through 8?

Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com to get all the materials you need to teach the best computer class. The lessons are written by real middle school computer teachers and are PERFECT for someone just starting out.

Go to www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com and request some free sample lessons to see what it is all about.

These books are being used around the country and are a great source for JR. Hith/Middle School aged students.

Where are you going to spend your technology budget? Middle School Computer Lessons; Jr. High Computer Lessons

Deciding where to spend your precious tech budget can be your toughest decision of the year. For me I have only $400 to provide for 550 students. I feel lucky, some teachers have no budget. I tend to shy away from software and lean towards things that I can use for years and years. The software I use in class is MS Office/ Paint/ Web/NXT Robotics and the rest is Open source (free). This really works for me.

One thing that could be really useful in a classroom is a computer book. Student text with lessons that can be used year after year. An actual computer class text-book is hard to find. Especially one that you could actually use. Click here to learn more. This book has actual stuff that you would use in your classroom, and all the teacher directions that you need.

Visit: www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com to get 2 free sample lessons.

Technology Lessons; Middle School Computer Lessons

New technology/computer teachers who are looking for lessons to get their classes started need look no further. Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com for the Jr. High computer curriculum that you are looking for.

Click here for the site that will add lessons to your class that you will be using for years.

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