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Top Toddler Apps; Middle School Computer Lessons

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I am constantly working with my 3-year-old son on the usual pre-K stuff like colors, counting, and learning the alphabet. I find the Ipad is a useful tool for him to learn these things. Before, he was using an Ipod touch, now he has began using “Daddy’s Big Ipod” at home. The Ipod touch is still very useful in small doses when we are in a store or in the car. Small doses is the key! When I first started him on the Touch, it was like a drug, I could not get it off of him. I quickly learned that 10 minutes here and there was the best way to for him to get the most out of the experience. The first time he used it, he was hooked for about 45 minutes and when I told him that it was time to put it away, he had a total meltdown. Which is unusual for him.

When I search for apps to add to my Ipad for him, I usually look for certain things. First, I want “Learning” apps, not games. Angry Birds is a no, Monkey Lunchbox=yes.

Here are some of the apps that I find to be our favorite. I would love to hear yours!

1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

2. Tozzle-Toddlers First puzzle It is great!

3. Wheels On the Bus– Use your own voice to enhance this app

4. Team Umizoomi- an assortment of learning games

5. Handy Manny; Flickers Flash card Fiesta

6. Baby Apps; All in One

7. Magic piano –Music; Play a song on the piano (a 3-year-old can do it)

8. Youtube– Find alphabet songs, Seseme Street songs…Black Eyed Peas  are a big hit in my house

9. Alphabet Song – Oscar’s Apps-sings as you tap

Looking for Computer Lessons? Click here for the best Middle School Computer Lessons

Cookie doodle is another good one!

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