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Middle School Computer Lessons; Where is the Technology Student Teacher?

Middle School Computer Lessons; Where is the Technology Student Teacher?

 Why is it that every semester, I see literally dozens of music students from the local university filing into the Choir and Band classrooms and never a single one into my Computer class? Maybe I’m just a lousy teacher or maybe my school is not on the list, maybe there aren’t any potential computer teachers out there? I know that is not the  case, it is probably a combination if the three, or at least two of the three …

What I really want to get off my chest are my feelings about how irresponsible  it is to produce all of these “Music teachers” when there are maybe 4 positions per district. Not to mention that these positions only need to be filled every 30 years or so.

A Music class could really integrate technology brilliantly. There are all of the “music sharing” issues out there along with young people’s general interest in the medium. I have seen software that can be used with a smartboard that was really useful. It seems like a match made in heaven. However, I don’t get the feeling that the potential is being reached at least from what I have seen.

I would love to hear your comments!

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