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Middle School Computer Lessons; Smartboards

Middle School Computer Lessons; Smartboards

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Smartboards can be great in any classroom. However it is up to the teacher as to how much a part of the class they become. I recently went to a conference on SB’s and attended several classes about them. Every time I go to one of these things I feel overwhelmed about all the ideas out there in technology in education. I have to remind myself that I cannot be an expert in everything and need to pick what is best for me and my teaching situation. I do teach technology and actually no longer have a sb in my room. But I have had one in the past and would categorize myself as an “expert” in the Beginner category. I know enough to advise teachers who are looking to use one.

If you are new to SB’s, I suggest you find a workshop and attend. When I leave I want to get into it with my students. If I taught a core subject, this would be a vital tool in my teaching. The possibilities are endless.

I my building, we have the wide range of SB usage. Some teachers are masters and others the SB sits in the room unattended. I would encourage any teacher who is remotely interested in using one in their room more to attend a workshop.

One of the best features of a SB is the software (Notebook 10) it is actually free. You don’t even actually need a SB to use it. That in itself is an extremely useful teaching tool.

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