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Computer Curriculum,Middle School Computer Lessons, High School Computer Lessons

Are you looking for a curriculum for your Computer or Technology class? MSCL Publishing has just what you are looking for. Curriculums designed for beginner or experienced teachers in mind. The lessons are complete with student and teacher instructions, worksheets and rubrics, everything you need to create a successful computer program in your school The lessons work with any version of Office or Google docs and are project based. To request a few free samples to see what it is all about visit. www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com 

Computer Curriculum,Middle School Computer Lessons, High School Computer Lessons


Middle School Computer Lesons; 5 Essential Student Skills

Middle School Computer Lessons; 5 Essential Student Skills

If you are currently teaching a computer class or have just been told that you will be next school year, what are the 5 most important things to cover in your class? For my students, I feel that giving them a broad range of computer activities and experiences is the best way to help them grow as learners. In my class we may not cover one topic exhaustively but cover many topics lightly. My students only have my class for approximately 45 days per year and I feel it is in their best interest to introduce as many things during tha t time as possible.

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The top five skills that I try to emphasize with my class are:

5- Social media – this class discussion is always an interesting one

4- Web Navigation– Students benefit from sharpening their search skills; There is a great “Google Search Game” in my book.

3- Office skills– Word Processing, Presentation tools, Excel…

2- Typing/Keyboarding– Text all you want, typing with a keyboard is still where it is at…for now

1- Being able to use the computer as a tool to achieve your goals. Helping students choose the proper avenue and tool when utilizing computer skills in their real life.  This includes troubleshooting common errors and problem solving.

I would love to hear your comments!

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Are Tablets the Future of Education? Middle School Computer Lessons

Are Tablets the Future of Education?

Not too long ago, I was convinced that Netbooks were the way to go for the future of education technology. I am not so sure any more. With the prices of tablets coming down significantly, tablets look better and better..

I feel that the Ipad is the Cadillac of all tablets, it is the best without question. However, with the soon to come tablet from Amazon, and dozens of competitors including all Android devices, tablets seem like a viable option to schools.

Some may say that BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” is the way to go. Maybe for high schools, but for middle schoolers a variety of devices is problematic for instruction.

Tablets are more and more attractive for several reasons: 1. Prices are falling; $200 per tablet could be the key for districts to move away from print books to a 1 to 1 tablet model. 2. Portability could make it easier for students to carry the device instead of a pile of books. 3. Tech savvy students would welcome tablets to replace bulky textbooks.

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Classroom Procedures for Computer Class- Middle School

Classroom Procedures for Computer Class- Middle School

Even though it is the middle of summer   I was thinking what the most important aspect of my teaching is. What keeps  to mind is my classroom procedures. Summer time is when many teachers are informed that they will be teaching computer classes next year…mostly it comes out of the blue with a call from your Principal. So, if you are new to teaching computer class and you are looking for some ideas on how to go about it, I’ll explain how I do it.

My class is 45 minutes long and the students have it for one nine weeks (about 45 days). I do the same thing every day CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

First -classes must wait at the door until I tell them they can come in. This lets them know that I am in charge.

– All books and materials are to be set on tables away from the computers. I dont want any “junk” in their work area.

– Then, all classes type for the first 7-10 minutes of class. Every day with no exceptions. During this time there is absolutely no talking. This routine settles the class and again puts me in charge.

-Next- I will review from the previous day and introduce some new material(teaching 101)

– Then I’ll give a new assignment. Answer any questions…

-When the new assignment is being worked on, the students are allowed to talk quietly and even help each other. The one important rule is “You may help someone, but do not do it for them”

– Towards the end of class, I will check any finished assignments. If students finish they may help other students, practice typing or play an approved game.

I hope this helps anyone looking for ideas. I would love to hear any comments you may have.

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New to teaching a Computer Class?

Did your principal just inform you that you will be teaching a computer class in the fall? Are you looking for materials for this NEW class??? Do you feel short of breath?

Wouldn’t it ease your mind to find all the materials you need to teach computer classes grades 5 through 8?

Visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com to get all the materials you need to teach the best computer class. The lessons are written by real middle school computer teachers and are PERFECT for someone just starting out.

Go to www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com and request some free sample lessons to see what it is all about.

These books are being used around the country and are a great source for JR. Hith/Middle School aged students.

Robo-boy, NXT Robotics is good for all ages


Nxt robotics.

I friend of mine who is an Engineer at one of the worlds largest companies recently borrowed a Lego NXT set from me to do a project for work. When he returned it, my 3 year old demanded that he was alowed to try it out. So, I decided I would build and program an NXT robot that he could help in the building and be able to interact with through the programing. It was a huge success. I build a simple 2 wheel robot with sensors then paired it to my Android phone with a simple “Mind-droid”app. He was able to control the robot by tilting my phone. It was impressive to see him control it.

The Mindstorms NXT sets are so great for teaching technology. THey can be used with a great span of age ranges. This boy is 3 and he was able to use it to some degree, my friend is an engineer with a master’s degree working for a huge company and it had great use, I have seen it being used at Carnegie Mellon University. Bottom line, the NXT robotics are awesome and are perfect for Middle School Computer Classes. In this book there are at least 2 great NXT lessons perfect for Jr. high classes. Click below to learn more.

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Do you teach a Computer Class? Middle School Computer Lessons has great materials.

Do you teach a computer class and are looking for great materials? MSCL Publishing has exactly what you are looking for. The Ebooks contain hours of projects that will take your help your class become 21st century learners!

The lessons contain clear student instructions, easy teacher instructions and tips, also there are worksheets and rubrics for each lesson. If you are looking to expand your computer/technology class with projects that include PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Google Applications, Skype in the classroom, Ipods, Robotics and more visit www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com .

These materials are all teacher tested and are ready to use in your classroom immediately.

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