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Teaching technology for the first time? Middle School Computer Lessons

Often, for one reason or another teachers are forced into teaching technology for the first time. Teachers are moved from subject to subject without much notice. This leaves professionals who are accustomed to being an expert in their field at a loss.

Fortunately, I have been teaching a computer/technology class for over a decade and through http://www.Middleschoolcomputerlessons.com I have an opportunity to share some of my tried and true lessons. If you are new to teaching this subject and you are looking for a starting point as far as what to teach and how to attack it, my lessons are perfect. My book of computer lessons covers MS Office, Google apps, Robotics and much much more, over 70 hours of classroom tested materials. My publications give any teacher the chance to cover relevant material instantly. Included are worksheets, rubrics, teacher tips and student instructions for each lesson. You can choose to use what works best for you.

When I first started teaching computer class, I looked everywhere for some sort of computer curriculum or textbook, what I found was disappointing. However it lead me to create my own materials what that evolved into can be found at mscl publishing benefit from this classroom experience! Request a couple of samples and see for yourself.


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