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How will “Merit Pay” Work with Tech Teachers?

As a middle school technology teacher, I am really interested in how the government in Ohio plans on paying teachers who do not teach a core subject? Maybe all those teachers will just get canned?

 They think shoving SB 5 down our throats is so great, I am sure that they must have it all planned out. Is there going to be a standardized technology test that Ohio is going to adopt? If so, who is going to make that test? What is going to be on it? Is %40 passing? like some other so-called “proficiency” tests? All I have is questions and no answers.

School is about learning not just passing some test.

What about Art, Gym and Music? How are those teachers going to get the Merit-Pay?

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Middle School Computer Lessons; GOP out to destory public education?

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I am going to get a little off subject today…

Every story I read about the state of public education around the country is similar in many ways. First, the Republicans have taken control of the state, next public education funding is being cut, then unions are being attacked, and some kind of merit pay and charter schools will be the solution in yet some way. As a parent, I would never send my child to a charter school,     N E V E R!. I am pretty happy with the public schools in my area. What the people in charge dont even take into account that education is a 3-way partnership between teachers, parents, and the students themselves. You can’t put it all on the teachers. If my kid is 10 and can’t read, I am not going to march down and confront my local school board. C’mon, who’s falt is it really?

Merit pay for test scores: Where do the “Special” classes fit into that? Art, Gym, Health, Consumer Sciences, Music, Computer/Technology. Do those teachers get the Max pay or the Minimum pay? Are these classes even important any more? They don’t contribute to passing some test? But what they do is make students more rounded. Maybe even giving them a reason to like to come to school. If I taught a “core” subject and my pay was going to be based on some test, I am going to teach that test every day. Nothing else, just teach the test, EVERY DAY. They would pass it, but who cares? Who makes up the tests anyway? What questions are “valid” and will some be thrown out? What is a passing score? %40? What are we really testing?

 But I also hear how “Technology in education” is so vital we’ll see. When teachers are being cut. I’ll bet these teachers ( myself included) will be the first to go.

I clearly remember Obama saying how he was going to increase pay for teachers. In the next few years of his Presidency, I fully expect my pay to go down.

I would love to hear your comments about this, especially if you are a fellow “Tech” teacher.

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