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Middle School Computer Lessons: Why I deleted my Twitter account.

Teaching technology to young adults it like teaching fish how to swim.

They already know how and they are probably already really good at it. There fore, my daily challenge is to capture their interest long enough to introduce them to something they may not know about.

I am all about expanding the “Tech Experiences” of my students. It may be something as simple as showing them where the “~” key is on the keyboard (That is a tilde, by the way) or as complex as programming a robot to follow a line on the floor.

However, when it comes to social media I am no expert. I purposely never started a My Space or Face-Tube or whatever account, it just really didn’t interest me. Not too long ago I did start a Twitter account exclusively to get Tweeters from Jeff Probst of Survivor. It went pretty along with no problems and I added a few more people, I was kind of into it, it was kind of interesting. But after a while I would have hundreds of tweets and I was constantly checking my account, I became increasingly annoyed. Then just deleted the whole thing. Do I really care what “Steve Martin” is doing, apparently not that much. The novelty wore off and I was done. I dont want more things to do on my phone/device. Is Twitter here to stay, maybe but not for me.

Really though, when I ask my students who has a Twitter account it may be about 2 per class 8%….I am surprised to see the ones that don’t even know what is is. Facebook  however, I would say that 90%+ have one. They could teach me a thing or two.

An interesting activity I do in class it to make a graph of students who use what type of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Myyearbook, and even “email”)

I would love to hear your comments!

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