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With the passage of SB5 in Ohio, as a teacher who does not teach a “Core”subject, I am curious how I will fit into the Merit-Pay discussion. First, I would like to begin by saying that I think Merit-Pay is not a well thought out  idea. What is it based on in the first place? Passing some “achievement” test? One test determines how well a school is doing? It seems poorly planned. If teachers’ pay is going to be determined on some test, the test is all that is going to be taught. Is that what school is all about? I would not want my child to go to a school where the entire focus is on passing a test. As a parent, honestly I really don’t care about passing one state test over getting a well-rounded public school education that includes much more than test prep.

With that being said, and the “Merit-Pay” reality looming at this point (unless the voters kill SB5 in the future) how will schools implement this? If it is going to happen I have 3 thoughts.

#1 What determines which teachers get which students? How about a “school-yard pick ’em” situation? Teachers stand on one side of the gym, students on the other and the teachers take turns picking. Like a fantasy football draft. Wouldn’t that be fair to the teachers? They choose the kids that they will get credit for? Not really stand them in the gym, but seriously have a draft. Is that wrong?

#2 How will “Specials” fit in? Maybe have Teams for each concentration area? Like  Math team, Social Studies team, a science team. Each “special”  teacher could be part of one team; share and contribute to their success.

#3 Will the “Best” teachers get the “Best” students? Could we go with old test scores to make sure the lowest achieving students will go to the “Best” teachers? Who are the “Best” teachers anyways?

I seem to have more questions than answers. I would live to hear your ideas and comments.

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