Looking for ideas? Middle School Computer Lessons

Middle School Computer Lessons; Are Ebooks the Future? 

Of course. for the best Middle School Technology Ebooks go to www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com

Yes, ebooks are obviously the future. Just look at book sales. Ebooks are topping print books more and more. But, what is the best delivery system for students? Right now, the choices may be limited…ipad? kindle? Netbook? In my opinion the Netbook is the best choice right now. You could use it as an ebook but also a computer. Student could use their online textbooks the use a word processing program to complete the homework. (a blog could be better for homework) Even though a Netbook would be my choice right now. I don’t think the best solution for student ebook readers is actually out there right now.

My ideal ebook reader for say middle schools would have the following things;

  1. Durability
  2. Ability to run software easily
  3. Security (ease of loading and controlling software for the school)
  4. a Keyboard (maybe like a tablet PC -I use one a hp tc4000) it can be a pad and a laptop.
  5. Teacher controls (teacher could take control of the class’s devices)
  6. Low cost ; give the students the option to buy their own or use the schools while in school. I really think students should own their own. If it is theirs they should take care of it.
  7. LONG- battery life (as a teacher I don’t want this to be an issue)
  8. Reliable wireless connection (again, teachers should not have to even deal with this)


For more ideas: www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com


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