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Middle School Computer Lessons; Tech Support for teachers

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As the “Computer Teacher” in my building, I am often called to duty when teachers have a problem. I am kind of like the first line of defence before the paid professional “Tech Support Team” is called. We do not have a network engineer or dedicated computer guy to fix things. Instead the school pays a company to service any issues. At first I thought this was a bad idea, however it works well and saves the school district money.

But, I am still the first person that is usually contacted when a problem occurs. I like doing this, but what I really like is when teachers come to me to for help integrating technology into their classrooms.

I see a wide range of issues. Here are some of favorites:

  1. There is no power. (the 5 plug splitter was plugged into itself)
  2. Printer does not work (No paper)
  3. Printer does not work (Not plugged in)
  4. No internet connection (plug is out)
  5. Mouse does not work (no ball)

I try to not make people feel bad when they call me down, so I may not always tell them what the actual problem was.

Sure, most things are really simple, but some are more challenging. I get a lot of prblems with printers. All of our teachers started out with high-volume hp business printers, after 5 years I would say only about %40 are still functioning. The major problem with these was teachers would not use them enough. They would worry about using up the ink. When they are not used the ink would dry up and then that would be it. I have the same one and I print constantly. I am talking full color pages in the “Best” setting. The ink really lasts. I would only use about a set of ink per year. Now, all the teachers can print directly to the copy machine in the office. That is pretty handy. The only disadvantage is that it prints in color black, white and grey.

I handle a many issues around the building. Setting up smartboards, blue tooth slates, Netbooks, Projectors and installing software take up most of my time.

I like doing this, I get to see how the other teachers are using technology to teach. There is a wide range of usage. Some teachers are lost if their wireless slate goes out. Today I saw one teacher that was using her slate as a MOUSEPAD!!! So, the point is that people use the technology in their own way. Those who want to use it will, and those that don’t see the merit do not.

Either way, if you are a “Technology” teacher and you find yourself being the expert in your building when something goes wrong, know that you are not alone.

For more ideas on integrating technology into your classroom and to get the best middle school computer lessons on the web check out http://www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com/.


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