Looking for ideas? Middle School Computer Lessons

Middle School Computer Lessons; choosing the best lessons to teach in your technology class.

When teaching a computer class for middle school students choosing the best topics to cover can be challenging. Usually, state requirements for the subject are vague, giving the teacher the opportunity to be creative. I try to stay current with technology while still covering the basics like ms office, Internet etc.

My goal is to interest my students in the material so they become independent leathers and they take some responsibility forntheir own learning. If that makes sense… As technology teachers we have an advantage over say a math class in that, our students are already interested in the subject. Not many kids want to go to math class. My students get yelled at for tuning in the hallway to get to my class. So, I need to take advantage of the interest that they already have.

I use old school techniques. Introduce the lesson with a hook, then begin covering my material.not to toot my own horn but on occasion my class will applaud after a lesson. On the other hand, sometimes they look like they are a sleep. But, i keep my  actual teaching time rea
Ly short. Kids this age have about a seven minute attention span, and I look at that like my seven minute window. When giving directions to assignment, I go for as few points as possible. Kids don’t read directions anyway.

Bottom line, I try to teach current subjects, that will interest the students. Talk about skype, xbox connect, YouTube, engage their interest. Then, tie it to whatever your goals for your classroom are.

For more thoughts on technology in education and for the best middle school computer lessons on the web check out www.middleschoolcomputerlessons.com


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