Looking for ideas? Middle School Computer Lessons

We have Launched our New website! Middleschoolcomputerlessons.com !

Here we will provide books and ebooks to computer teachers everywhere! We are really excited to get out site up and running. There will be many products that our site will be selling, including custom lesson plan template design.

We sell Ebooks! Great books in a pdf format that teachers can purchase and make as many copies as they want. The Ebooks contain a teacher book, student books, and all the worksheets and rubrics that you need. The lessons in our books come from real teachers and have been taught in actual classrooms hundreds of times. These lessons have been completed by thousands of students. The teacher manual is contains every question, poblem and obsticle that students may encounter.

I wish I had “Middle School Computer Lessons” Ebook when I started teaching. The lessons are great and contain over 70 hours of classroom materials!

You get a lot for the price! After purchasing a site license, the teacher has permission to make unlimited copies of the materials. The best thing to do is use one teacher copy (A print copy comes with each site license) and print out a student copy for each student in your class. When you think of it as buying a set of class books, you will realize what a good deal it is!

Look around at other Middle School Compter Class activities and lessons. Similar Ebooks with less than half the lessons can cost up to $3000! Ours is better in many ways!

Visit our site for 2 free lessons!

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all at Middleschoolcomputerlessons.com


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